Brand and Product Marketing in VR


Immersive VR events and experiences are helping brands keep customers close.

In a world where we all need to fly less and live more sustainably, it’s vital that brands find new ways to enthrall their customers without having to meet face to face.

Building on our experience in global product marketing, events, and brand activations in the physical world, we are now bringing them into the virtual world.

Virtual reality brand experiences / product sell-in and experiences / product marketing / trade-show exhibitions / retail experiences / location tours / unique workshop settings

Why marketing in VR?

Virtual reality marketing offers a host of massive advantages, arguably the biggest one being no need for physical travel. Less carbon emissions, no travel related health risks, no staff hours wasted on planes and jet-lag. It allows your key staff and customers to attend more important meetings around the world.

It offers almost unlimited possibilities for messaging and creative across any scale or distance. Compared to physical marketing events, no shipping or storage is required: virtual marketing provides easy re-usability. Meanwhile, analytics lets you observe, track, and record people’s experiences to get the most return on your investment. 

With VR you can showcase future products as detailed 3D models that can be evaluated by customers from every angle. The environment can be anything relevant to your brand; from an impressive meeting room to urban city rooftop to mountain landscape or a vast sea extending around the guests.

Imagine a totally new kind of retail experience: A virtual flagship store that is accessible from anywhere in the world. Or a virtual location tour – whether it’s an R&D lab, a brewery or a manufacturing facility, your most prized location can be utilized globally for brand engagement regardless of where in the world it’s located.

Our proof of concept

Not only have we envisioned all this, but we have already started bringing our concepts into reality. Check out Microsoft 1n7er5ection, a virtual escape room we created for Microsoft Ignite 2019.

The escape room was a truly immersive marketing experience that was designed to promote Microsoft’s enterprise-class security technology. The feedback was superb, and the experience was recreated at RSA in San Francisco in February 2020, and is also expected to be deployed in various Microsoft locations around the world.

Technical advancements create new possibilities

Headsets are now vastly superior and more affordable than just a few years ago. Connectivity is better. And multi-user VR software is ready for prime time, as proven by our escape room experience.

One of the biggest advances has been in the creation of presence – the feeling that you’re truly there in the same space with others even when you’re physically thousands of miles apart. This is where modern VR stands apart from conventional digital tools. In truly immersive VR experiences that feeling of distance falls away. As a brand, you keep your customers close. And rather than going to them, your prospects come to you – anytime and anywhere.

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