Value Creation in Electronics


a cropped image of two smartphones with five cameras and colorful screen content

“Getting other people to believe in your magic
is the shortest path to changing the world.”

Henrik Axlund,
Creative Director of MacWell


Sometimes when dealing with complex technology, engineering and sciences, the real innovation isn’t visible to the naked eye. Yet these innovations deserve to be told in an easily understandable and exciting way. We specialize in diving deep with researchers, engineers, material designers and scientists to find out the most important facts to bring to light, and this is how innovation inspires sales, investment and brand purpose.

For more than 175 years, ZEISS has been the leader in ground-breaking optical technology. Their flagship camera, ZEISS ZX1, is the pinnacle of both science and innovation. To tell the story of this exceptional device, ZEISS trusted MacWell – known for our unique visual storytelling – to create films that explore the technology and development of the camera.

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I thoroughly enjoyed working with MacWell on these 2 films. Translating complex technology into an easy to understand story was certainly the major challenge that MacWell tackled with great competence and dedication. I am very happy with the end result and can’t wait to kick-off the next projects!

Marco Mildenberger, Head of Imaging and New Business, ZEISS Consumer Products

When HMD USA approached MacWell with the brief for the Nokia X100, a device exclusive to a major US carrier, the mission was clear; develop creative assets that showcase the device’s capabilities while directly connecting with the carrier’s target demographic.

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For decades Nokia has pioneered in the mobile phone industry. Since the very beginning they have ambitiously looked forward, inventing unexpected products that profoundly transform our daily lives.

Together with HMD Global, the home of Nokia phones, we created a global campaign celebrating the new Nokia 9 PureView. We put the product first and based our campaign on the uniqueness of the phone – the first and only smartphone with five cameras.

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Qualcomm is the global leader in designing wireless telecommunication products and services that transform the way we live.

The acclaimed pioneer first came to us with a need to visually communicate the technology behind their powerful – yet tiny – pieces of innovation for global product marketing.


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