Value Creation in Engineering


“Getting other people to believe in your magic
is the shortest path to changing the world.”

Henrik Axlund,
Creative Director of MacWell


Sometimes when dealing with complex technology, engineering and sciences, the real innovation isn’t visible to the naked eye. Yet these innovations deserve to be told in an easily understandable and exciting way. We specialize in diving deep with researchers, engineers, material designers and scientists to find out the most important facts to bring to light, and this is how innovation inspires sales, investment and brand purpose.

Wirepas approached MacWell to help launch their new product, Wirepas 5G Mesh. Our brief was to explain the product and its benefits through their iconic character, “Mom”.

Mom has previously spent her harsh winters in Tampere Finland with her boys. But come summer, Mom heads out to her traditional “Mökki”, or Summer cabin to relish in the simplicity of Finnish Nature. Together with our good friends at Make Films we created a series of 6 videos, all Straight Outta Summer Cabin.


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Qualcomm is the global leader in designing wireless telecommunication products and services that transform the way we live.

The acclaimed pioneer first came to us with a need to visually communicate the technology behind their powerful – yet tiny – pieces of innovation for global product marketing.


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Qt Group is a globally recognized software company known for its innovative solutions. With over 1.5 million developers worldwide trusting the company, they help increase productivity in all stages of the software development lifecycle, from UI design and software development to quality management and deployment.

Qt Group presented MacWell with a wonderful challenge – to create a series of videos with a distinct visual identity that reflected the unique features of their Qt Design Studio software.


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HMD Global is the home of Nokia phones with a heart and heritage in Finland. As an agency based on Finnish soil, we had an exciting privilege to step in to the world of HMD Global before they had launched a single product.

Our solid partnership has been an inspiring journey to introduce the new era of Nokia phones and has provided us an exceptionally profound understanding of the client and their vision.


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