100 dogs

Brand Creation & Development
Colourful asian foods and drinks with a bright red background

As a sequel to the successful cooperation at Flow Festival back in 2014, we continued our co-work together with creative bartending group Son of a Punch to create bar concepts that ambitiously push forward the new cocktail culture in Helsinki. We started with history-inspired speakeasy Trillby & Chadwick, followed up by 100 dogs that took quirkiness to a whole new level.

Following the international dive bar phenomenon, Son of a Punch wanted to create an unprecedented restaurant concept and bring a vigorous piece of Shinjuku Golden Gai neighborhood to Helsinki.

We took our inspiration from the magical Japanese folklore and manga to create a visually rich, exceptional identity for an exceptional bar. 

With flamboyant illustrations and compelling short stories, we were able to develop mythical characters to represent each drink and food option, as well as build a unique atmosphere for the space itself. 

The concept of a well-worn ethnic bar was executed in every detail from the hardbound menus to all visual brand elements

Ran by the highly acclaimed cocktail bastards of Son of a Punch, the caricaturist dive bar ideology “Shitty drinks, bad service, average food” came magically alive like never before. Almost every single one of the menus got stolen within a few months’ time, though – we’d call that an unfortunate success that speaks for itself.