Altia: Mestaritislaajan N:o 1

Brand Creation & Development
Product in a glass bottle with ingredients on the side

A taste of history.”

Altia is Finland’s leading wine and spirits company that produces, markets, sells, imports and exports alcoholic beverages. Through iconic brands and extensive product portfolio, they provide consumers with drinking experiences in the Nordic and Baltic countries. Altia first contacted MacWell Creative in search for a new, trustworthy partner for product conceptualizing. As a trial run, the beverage giant assigned us to create a brand around their new spirit product.

They needed a fresh, differentiating concept, based on their own core strategy, that would celebrate local farming and handcraft. Our solution: a Single Estate Spirit.  

We created a product concept that offers the consumers a taste of history and pays homage to Finnish handicraft,  whilst acting as a celebration of locality and traceability.

Our product strategy was based on the idea of true craftsmanship that comes to life in the farming and distilling of a small batch, single origin liquor despite the harsh seasons and fickle northern nature.

Mestaritislaajan N:o 1 honors these age-old crafts with a package design that follows old pharmacy aesthetics with a modern twist.

We created the brand story and the product name around two, real characters behind the spirit – master distiller Arttu Kivi and family farmer Pasi Ketelä.

Our storytelling narrated the battle between these hard-working heroes against today’s throwaway culture and the whims of the seasons.

The end-result is a representation of true dedication and skill. The compelling story of the art of craft comes alive in all design elements, from typography and tone of voice to brand photography 

The story we created proved to be extremely relatable to the audience. The product went from a concept into an actual Altia product and on to the Alko shelves nationwide in record-breaking time. The ultimate result for us, however, is the fact that we’re currently working on our 10th concept together with Altia.