Altia: Nevermind

Brand Creation & Development

“Don’t take life so seriously, it isn’t permanent.”

Altia, the leading wine and spirits company in Finland, asked us for help crafting a fresh brand identity for their new family of wines. Altia’s target was to reach the untraditional wine drinkers. The ones who don’t care about the norms – the young at heart and carefree people looking for affordable options.

Our goal was to bottle up the happy-go-lucky personality into a product. The distinctive tonality as well as the product name – Nevermind – celebrate the carefree way of living.

We reflected the gently cheeky tonality across all copywriting, and created a brand story that rejoices the unforgettable ride called life. In the visual identity work, we played around with the traditional wine logos and typography, and finished them off with a signature twist.

By merging the traditional visual language with modern graphic design, unexpected color palette and quirky illustrations, we crafted an identity that leaves you smiling.

The end result is a series of wines that catches the eye with its intriguing and fresh look. As a cherry on top, the red wine won an honorary mention in the category of affordable organic red wines in the Wine of the Year 2018 -competition.

Cheers for the joys of life – Nevermind the bumps along the way.