Hedönist Brewing

Brand creation & development

“This is unapologetic indulgence.”

Hedönist is not the average beverage company. They peddle unusual recipes and quirky ingredients – all with a wildly unrepentant attitude of “why not?” Inspired by all things uncommon and led by the Chief Hedönist Sam Toropainen, Hedönist Brewing is born of a beautiful blend of northern flavours and downright indulgent fun.

Together, hand-in-hand with the client, we developed Hedönist’s ability to express their uncompromising attitude and endless curiosity in every way. The result is a brand with magnetism packed with quirky graphical details, playful approach, and eye-catching swatches of colour and stories that stretch into the outrageous.

Starting from scratch, we crystallised our client’s brand foundation all the way to brand strategy. We crafted and honed their brand persona, channelling their boldness into a matching tone of voice and their attitude into a vibrant look and feel.

Their unique way of operating required an equally creative brand portfolio formation. Our solution provides them with the ability to hold agile, clever discourse with the industry and consumers both about their products and business.

The look and feel embodies the carefree enthusiasm of the brand’s personality through an edgy, ever-changing custom typeface and bold graphic design.

We give a wink and a nod to the fizzy nature of the products in the bubbly logo design.

Even down to the gently cheeky yet confident brand tonality we went all in to capture the spirit of the Hedönist. Reflected across all copywriting, the tonality expresses Hedönist’s role as a catalyst for change and a voice from a different perspective. It supports them to establish an exceptional dialogue from amidst the consumers, while reaching out to other players in the industry in a way they might not expect.

As the secondary slogan “Brewed beginning, hoppy endings” expresses,
Hedönist’s tone of voice is built to celebrate beer and the spirit of fun that goes into making – and enjoying – it.

Built out of contradictions, the identity combines Nordic minimalism and colourful energy in a way that breaks away from the generally accepted norms of beer brands.

The look and feel is reflected across all touch points from brand story, package design, and website – to social media and point of sales materials. All the way down to the Hedönist stationery, we worked to provide a seamless customer experience that doesn’t miss a beat in the attitude of the brand.

In close cooperation with the whole Hedönist community, we kneaded and baked our work into a 76-paged brand book. This big bad baby acts as a road map with attitude and is as quirky and dedicated to defining a new kind of fun and wild in the beverage industry.

Born out of idealism, curiosity, and a hint of magic, Hedönist is a beverage brand not afraid to break the rules. Each Hedönist product has been distributed nationwide in a wide spectrum of both stores and bars, and the warm-hearted customer feedback speaks for itself.