Brand Creation & Development

It’s like fundraising, but fun. And easy.  

Everyone is excited about most aspects of their children’s activities – the drive to practice, making new friends, and the fun of cheering at the big event. However, few parents are excited about the fundraising each activity requires. Calling the relatives, co-workers and friends to convince them to buy a promotional item that they neither want, nor need is the dark side of an otherwise great activity. Thankfully, there is a now a solution that raises money for the teams, groups, and clubs that all our kids belong to and enjoy.

Introducing Kolla – your all-in-one solution for safe and secure fundraising. No more storing items in your cellar. No more driving around to after work to deliver packages. No more handling cash. Now you can focus on the fun stuff and leave the fundraising to Kolla.

Kolla is the brainchild of Sointu Borg – a Finnish entrepreneur who won the TV business competition program Diili, the Finnish version of the US show “The Apprentice” with this modern, time saving, approach to fundraising.

The genius of the Kolla premise lies in its simplicity – a solution that takes fundraising out of the hands of over worked parents via a simple to navigate online store…a store that features products and services that appeal to a wide variety of audiences. Kolla also handles the whole process from offer to delivery. What could be easier?

We built the brand’s foundation and persona by focusing on the transparent, accommodating, and service-oriented nature of the company. The tonality of the communication matches the ethos of the brand; the textual and visual assets have been developed to be applicable across channels and contexts.

The illustrations are playful and relatable. They follow the same rhythm as the typography: a smooth jazz of sharp edges and round shapes. Hand-drawn elements among vector shapes add a human touch and a child-like element.

As Kolla is proudly Finnish in origin and in its offerings, we felt it important to prominently feature BLUE in the brand identity, and then couple it with the colour of YELLOW.

This complimentary colour was specifically chosen as it represents each coin collected, one at a time, to make the dreams of your group a reality.

In order to demonstrate Kolla’s proposition, and why you should utilize the brand to update and improve your fundraising, we produced a short marketing film. The tonality and visuality of the brand’s persona are brought to life through a clever and fun animation. All production elements including concept, scripting, animation, and voiceover through final edit, were created in-house.

To ensure a coherent brand message throughout the consumer journey, we have created a “Kollafied” selection of company related products for our customer’s review.

To introduce and reinforce our standards, we created a manual that presents the entire essence of Kolla brand in one easy to use guide. Whenever in doubt, this tool is like a friend upon whom you can always rely.

Our skilled partners Don & Branco were enlisted to design and build the Kolla website, which includes both campaign creation and an easy to navigate webstore. As you can imagine, this task required close collaboration on tech and content, and we believe the resulting site is an obvious success. The Kolla site emphasizes the brand’s identity in a user friendly and visually engaging manner.

Our comprehensive work on the Kolla brand, including visual, textual, and tonal assets along with the website has resulted in a unique identity that gives the company all the tools for an engaging and credible presence. This work is rewarding in and of itself – but that feeling gets taken to the next level of satisfaction when we realized our alignment with Kolla’s mission of helping individuals and organizations achieve their goals.