Brand Creation & Development

“Maailman Suomiräpein show.”

Yo, yo, yo! The most legendary rap music show in Finland, the one and only Kultabassokerho, reached out to us to create a new visual identity for the re-boot of the show. As big fans of KBK, we were super excited to be a part of this.

We drew inspiration from the music scene, the street style, and the richness of the visual language of hip hop and graffiti, not afraid of acknowledging the tropes and clichés but instead exploiting them.

We started out old school. Sketching by hand with flat markers allowed us to reach the desired “tag” style, and we then refined the logo to look modern and stylish.

Black, white, and gold as the color scheme was the legacy from before, but a suitable combination for the hip hop influenced visuals.

As the show was moving from radio to video podcast, it needed proper opening titles. We conceived and developed a style that mixed graphics similar to the logo and introduced the host – Jii-Pee, HC Tuomas, and DJ Blublo – fitted in originality combine the craft with flavor.

Our good friend DJ Polarsoul created the music, and the energetic mix of graphics and textures created a mood that represented the show’s identity.

The set design we did featured a big backdrop wall for filming. We plastered the wall with posters from live gigs, events, and photos from the show’s past, then hand-painted the KBK logo (in gold paint, of course!) to create the urban, layered street style.

A bit of spray paint and tags from all the guests, and voilá, we have a wall full of memories and stories!

Guests that appeared on the legendary KBK show were there to sit down and talk about the genre itself that could lead to exciting revelations of the artist to the point where freestyle was present, and going with the flow was infectious. KBK provided an organic set where listeners could get into their minds and the way artists create records and not just do promo for their upcoming single.

The first episode was launched September 5th at 16.20 on The Format’s Youtube channel and on Spotify. In total, the episodes have now been streamed on Youtube almost 517 000 times.