Brand Creation & Development
An illustration of two people at a very vibrant coloured office

Martela – one of the Nordic leaders specializing in user-centric working and learning environments – called us for help in developing their identity and creating a standardized way to communicate their broad offering to consumers. The goal was a flexible kit of communicative, visual tools with consistent illustrated style to clarify the broad product range, from the main product categories to specific sub-assortments.

We tackled our client’s challenge by crafting a lively illustrated world. The brand illustrations turn Martela’s iconic designs and recognizable brand colors into illustrated characteristics and modular design cues that turn big concepts into comprehensive ideas at a glance.

The outcome is an easily adaptable illustrated style that bends from a strongly expressive form all the way to information visualizations and infographics.

Our solution helped Martela not only to tackle their communication challenges,  but also to make the points of sale materials efficient and easily understandable for the consumers.

Drawn from the client’s brand identity and original product design, the brand illustrations lifted the overall brand value to a whole new height.