Microsoft x Slush 2018

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event space

“We’re here to partner.”

Microsoft is a global technology legend empowering individuals and companies globally to reach their full potential with advanced products and services. Moreover, the tech icon works closely with startups, providing them with exclusive mentoring tools.

For three consecutive years, we’ve worked together with Microsoft in event design by concepting, designing and producing their event areas for Slush. The year 2018 wasn’t an exception as we were challenged to create a sustainable, fresh and welcoming event stand, with enough privacy for confidential face-to-face dialogues.

Each year we’ve pushed ourselves further to create ambitious and engaging event concepts and experiences to seamlessly communicate the thriving companionship and synergy between Microsoft and emerging startups.

In 2018, besides providing brand visibility for Microsoft and the partner startups involved, the area’s main function was to work as an inspiring platform for networking, workshops and keynotes.

With the seamless floor plan and spatial design we catered our client’s diverse needs in a visitor-friendly way.

The welcoming tonality together with the clear communicational hierarchy enabled Microsoft to speak to their audience consistently across the event area.

Fundamental not only for us and Microsoft, but also for Slush, we incorporated and considered sustainability in all the details during the work process. By using as much recyclable materials as possible, we kept the carbon footprint low without compromising quality.

Despite being fully packed during the keynote speeches, the functional floor plan allowed visitors to flow to and through the event stand from all sides.

As a result, the event area showcased Microsoft’s services and the partner startups in a cozy and casual spatial setting.