Microsoft Smarter Tomorrow

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“Your success is our priority”

We were pumped to continue our long-time partnership with Microsoft as they reached out to us to help create a concept for their workshop family of three. In addition to being piloted in the Microsoft headquarters in Finland, the concept needed to be flexible enough for duplication across their spaces globally.

We combined our forces to create a concept that encapsulates the mighty impact of teamwork, with a twist of fun. Named Smarter Tomorrow, the overarching theme was to tie together the three individual workshops: Smarter Together, Smarter Cloud and Smarter Business.

We wanted to build a concept identity as superior as Microsoft’s product offering that flows seamlessly across the whole workshop experience. We came up with a distinctive visual identity and tone of voice that follow Microsoft’s brand guidelines in an exciting and modern way.

The outcome is a comprehensive workshop experience that makes an impact.  

In the tone of voice, we used honest and easily approachable characteristics throughout the storytelling. The tonality emphasizes the team-oriented approach to work while still underlining the significance of each individual.

In the visual identity, we mixed and matched Microsoft’s existing brand elements to achieve a recognizable yet fresh look. We put together identifiers, color palette, typography as well as imagery to differentiate the three workshops from each other.

By delivering a vast amount of assets all the way from invitations and social media content to sales tools and spatial storytelling, messaging came across aligned in all touchpoints, both visually and verbally.

Impactful experiences come to life in spatial design that seamlessly aligns with the overall concept. By using large color surfaces, textiles and stickering, we transformed an ordinary office into a branded journey.

We aimed at breaking the stagnant stereotype of meeting rooms and gave birth to an inspiring space that lifts teamwork to new heights. Moreover, we designed a guiding path to direct visitors to the workshop rooms inside the Microsoft headquarters in Finland.

To support the international implementation, we created a complete toolkit with parameters and visual templates for duplicating the unique workshop experience in any corner of the world. With language versions and step-by-step guidelines, execution is globally aligned across all Microsoft spaces.

The end result is an immersive workshop experience with a coherent identity that stretches from petite typographical details to flexible spatial solutions.