Brand Creation & Development
Naava brand photography of a misty sunset in northern Finland


With each of our brand creation cases, our mission is to find the most resonant story – the core attributes that engage the clients of our clients. We are here to make them fall in love with a brand, to create a strong base of brand loyalty and subsequently strong brand equity.

With Naava, a company that reconnects humanity with nature through green walls, we wanted to build a truly mesmerizing, even poetic brand image.

Here at MacWell, we look at brands as canvases to enhance and turn into experiences.

But we don’t just paint the canvas with any colors we find beautiful – we take the ones that come from the story behind the clients; the ones that resonate with the target audience.

For Naava, we knew that the brand strategy, brand creation and overall assets pipeline work should be as refreshing and vibrant as nature itself – to perfectly correspond with a brand that brings forest air into concrete spaces.

In visual design and copywriting as well as in sonic branding and brand photography, we wanted to portray the story of the northern nature at its best and use all the elements of storytelling to deliver the feeling of fresh air. It’s what we do – we bring stories to life.

Naava is the only smart green wall in the market that revolutionizes the air you breathe indoors. It fights for an important, good cause, and we’re proud to have been involved in delivering its message to a wider coverage.

We equipped Naava with standardized layoutsbrand color palette and brand videography; the tools that help them stand out as a company with a soul and a purpose. The end-result is a scaled up, huge global player that is infiltrating the urban jungles with the true essence of nature.