Nokia 2760 Flip

United States Marketing Campaign

HMD USA gave MacWell a very interesting creative task with the Nokia 2760 Flip.
The brief was unique; introduce the concept of a Nokia smart feature flip phone to the carrier of a major US retailer. Our biggest challenge was to create a message and assets that resonate with a very wide demographic of retail consumers.

The solution was simple : “A modern flip on the classic”

We celebrate the classic form factor and the features of the Nokia 2760 Flip with a creative that is easy going and evokes the feelings of good times.

MacWell’s team devised a visual concept inspired by late 60’s – early 70’s graphic design.

With the Nokia color palette, our team developed the concept for the modern consumer and then paired it with CGI of the product. This approached delivered a distinctly retro while still premium visual experience.

Our creative makes the Nokia 2760 Flip phone the star and relies on a simple, refined visual language that merge naturally with the music. For this execution, there was no need to produce lifestyle imagery – MacWell told the story with a ‘less is more’ approach that mirrors the product’s design philosophy.

The lighthearted and fun concept quickly became a real passion project for our in-house illustration & animation team, who once again wowed us with the skill and talent of the people at MacWell.

We created a signature audio track for the product, with jazzy drumbeats that elicit a cool, easy-going vibe. The ‘tactile sounds’ mesh with the animation and the Nokia 2760 Flip; an example of this concept is the satisfactory ‘snap’ when the phone is closed, illustrated by the finger-snaps of the audio track.

The creative was developed from the get-go with many channels in mind. In addition to the concept and hero video, the MacWell team delivered multiple cut-downs in different aspect ratios as well as a full set of gorgeous still image product renders.