Nokia phones design films

Product Building & Marketing
A video still from the Nokia phones design films by MacWell Creative

HMD Global is the home of Nokia phones with a heart and heritage in Finland. As an agency based on Finnish soil, we had an exciting privilege to step in to the world of HMD Global before they had launched a single product.

Our solid partnership has been an inspiring journey to introduce the new era of Nokia phones and has provided us an exceptionally profound understanding of the client and their vision.

The deep co-operation together with the design and engineering teams of HMD Global has given us a golden kit of insights needed to dive into the DNA of the Nokia brand heritage, and to bring that vision and aspiration to modern storytelling.

By building on the values that are the most universally admired from Nokia phones, we continued where the story once left off – now gently tuned with a modern twist that answers to the needs of tomorrow.

With the latest and greatest Android software on board, these products don’t compromise on the core values of the original Nokia brand heritage.


Always reaching for both old and new consumers, the new era of Nokia phones provides superior quality devices to domestic and international markets – devices which consumers have always only dared to dream.