Nokia phones keynotes

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a smartphone family on a big screen

HMD Global is the home of Nokia phones, with heart and heritage in Finland. As an agency based on the Finnish grounds, we had an exciting privilege to step in to the world of HMD Global before they had launched a single product.

Our solid partnership has been an inspiring journey to introduce the new era of Nokia phones and has provided us an exceptionally profound understanding of the client and their vision. 

Ever since the Mobile World Congress 2017 we have worked with HMD Global to design and direct their global keynotes and a number of product announcements in local markets.

During the very first year of co-work, we got to celebrate the remarkable marketing success of Nokia phones, with 70 million phones sold as a cherry on top.

We don’t just sugar-coat, we find the authentic sweet core. We have worked relentlessly with our client in putting the emotional into the rational to maximize sales – and walked into the world of global keynotes with our inspirational storytelling and mesmerizing visuals.

Our partnership with HMD Global is off to a great start in 2018 led by global announcement of five Nokia phones in Mobile World Congress 2018.  

The successful announcement led to a 40 % share of voice in smartphone coverage, topped with 21 000 published media articles with positive or neutral sentiment of 98 %. Besides the profound co-work around global keynotes, we will also continue the creative and strategic work on an extensive variety of leadership and board presentations, and visualization of public speeches.