Nokia X100

Launch Campaign

When HMD USA approached MacWell with the brief for the Nokia X100, a device exclusive to a major US carrier, the mission was clear; develop creative assets that showcase the device’s capabilities while directly connecting with the carrier’s target demographic.

Youth is about living life on your own terms. The video depicts a day in the life of young city dwellers, who are in the flow of always being on the move and enjoying the fast pace. While situations change, the Nokia X100 is always there to serve it’s user with the features they need in the moment. MacWell took care of the casting to ensure that the actors represented the desired demographic target.

The Nokia X100 is crafted in a beautiful dark midnight blue,  and the creative brief called for the addition of two striking colors: pink and grey. Our goal with the creative was to honor these cues in the visual design of the video, all while creating an atmosphere of unforgettable moments of life in the flow state: time moving fast yet staying very still.

To complement the story and overall tonality of the video, we composed and produced a song that perfectly captures the feel of the concept. The tune and the lyrics highlight the mood of the people enjoying their flow in the video. And quite frankly, it turned out to be an absolute earworm, too.

The video itself is a mix of original film and existing aerial footage to convey the universal idea of a fast-moving urban experience.

In production, MacWell’s creative team produced copy and direction that serve to pinpoint the features that make the Nokia X100 the perfect affordable 5G phone for the target consumer. The video features kinetic typography which shows the key selling points the story of and adds a dash of engagement and fun to the visual effect of the video. The copy choices are metaphorical to themselves. Thebackground animations in the video further support the flow element of the concept.

As is standard at MacWell, our shooting schedules focus on efficiency and consistency. The Nokia X100 case was carefully planned out to capture stills that complement the video. These images support the campaign across a variety of touchpoints from digital to in-store executions.

The final video was further edited to create an on-phone retail demonstration mode, along with cutdowns to serve marketing applications across multiple channels.