Event Branding & Keynote presentations

Nordeep is the Nordic Deeptech Business Summit by Arctic Startup, a first-of-a-kind event that brings together Nordic science and business. MacWell had the honour and pleasure to play an integral part in bringing the event to life; from a brand refresh to digital and physical assets as well as a keynote speech, a facilitated panel discussion and a workshop.

Nordeep needed a strong but minimal visuality to match its nordic philosophy. MacWell produced the event logo, typography and visual themes that aligned with the client’s vision. The color scheme of the event uses magenta and cyan accent colors on high contrast black and white.

The event imagery consisted of monochromatic images of nordic environments combined with digital illustrative elements in the color scheme of the event.

We produced an array of different physical assets for the event spatial branding. We also made the display content for all screens and the master PowerPoint presentation for the stage, utilizing the visual identity we created with the client.

After the event we combined our work into a visual guide.

MacWell also produced the Nordeep after movie. We captured the feel and action of the event on film throughout the two days. By setting up interviews with top professionals of their respective industries we created a concrete narrative of the importance and impact of the event.

In addition, we created AI generated illustrations to support the event’s visuals. While these illustrations did not end up being used in the event itself, they offered the client a wider perspective of visual possibilities linked to their message.

MacWell provided not only key assets for the event, but key insight as well. On the main stage, the importance of branding and impactful marketing was emphasized by MacWell founder and CEO Andrew MacDonald in his introductory speech “How to Make Deeptech Sexy”.

Andrew’s introduction paved the way for a keynote by our Creative Director Henrik Axlund. Henrik’s keynote gave concrete pointers on the subject of “Celebrating the Magic of Science with Simplicity”.

The do’s and don’ts of portraying your product in the best possible light attracted several continued conversations and was widely appreciated on its hands-on approach.

To broaden the perspective and include everyday examples and experiences, Andrew hosted and facilitated a panel discussion with the topic “Taking a Stand Makes Deeptech Sexy”. The panelists included Mirva Saarijärvi, Head of Ecosystem Marketing & Communications of Wirepas, Christopher Wahlberg, CEO of HEBLA Consulting and Jussi Mäkinen, Chief Brand Officer of Varjo.

To bring the thinking behind all MacWell’s stage appearances – and our agency’s philosophy in general – to a concrete and interactive level, Andrew and Lead Creative Riina Rinkinen hosted a workshop titled “Say it in 60”.

Participants got a crash course on how to condense and word both their product and their brand in an impactful and interesting way. Fruitful conversations and actual aha! -moments were, according to those present, concrete and useful takeaways of the workshop.