Qt Design Studio

Visual identity & video series

Qt Group is a globally recognized software company known for its innovative solutions. With over 1.5 million developers worldwide trusting the company, they help increase productivity in all stages of the software development lifecycle, from UI design and software development to quality management and deployment.

Qt Group presented MacWell with a wonderful challenge – to create a series of videos with a distinct visual identity that reflected the unique features of their Qt Design Studio software.

First we learned everything about Qt Design Studio, which helps turn your designs into functional code that works on any platform or device. It bridges the gap between designers and coders.

Together with the client we defined six key functionalities to showcase: importing designs, creating states & connections, creating & using components, 3D motion design, 3D visual effects and real time rendering.


The look of the videos had to be striking and distinctive, while still reflecting the user experience. Through experimentation, we found ways to stylize and simplify the visuals while still maintaining the unique feel of the software.

We wanted to make viewers feel as though they were stepping into the app, experiencing the space between design and code. To achieve this, we designed windows and elements that float freely in a three dimensional space.

We established a clear hierarchy, with four types of design elements to keep the visual language sharp. The Design Studio windows, simple shapes with bright circles that represent designs, magenta outlines to highlight current tasks and icons from the Design Studio app to indicate key functionalities.

The colors also have clearly defined purpose: blue for design, yellow for code, and grey for inactivity. We used dark windows and light designs to create contrast, living bold gradients represent dynamism and active elements emit light in the dark.

The videos were originally created for website use, to introduce key features of the app, but led us onwards to produce a key visual and many advertising assets.

Creating the videos for Qt Design Studio with their bold design, separate from the traditional Qt-brand look & feel was a very cool challenge. We feel result is awesome, and most importantly: so does our client.