Product Building & Marketing

Powered by Snapdragon.

Qualcomm is the global leader in designing wireless telecommunication products and services that transform the way we live.

The acclaimed pioneer first came to us with a need to visually communicate the technology behind their powerful – yet tiny – pieces of innovation for global product marketing.

So far, our two-year partnership has included still images, animations and CGI work that illustrate the power of the Snapdragon 835 and 845 chips.

By scripting, storyboarding and film directing Qualcomm’s engineering science into impactful product films, we’ve helped them to express the phenomenal effect of their products in everyday lives.

To thoroughly understand every detail of the fascinating chips, we dove deep into the engineering world of Qualcomm.

By presenting the products on a microscopic level, we visually explained their innovations and their benefits in an easily comprehensible way.

We seamlessly merged storytelling with technology, and translated the engineering science into beautiful imagery.

Besides presenting the products, the content strengthens Qualcomm’s brand image as a world-leading innovator in telecommunications.

The result is a collection of visually striking content that opens the door into the world of Qualcomm and their products.

Used for various purposes on a global scale, the content celebrates the revolutionary impact of Qualcomm’s technology on modern smartphones.