Risky Business

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“Stay safe! It’s Risky Business.”

The Occupational Safety Card and The Center for Occupational Safety turned to us with a challenge to design and produce an easily adoptable educational tool to raise awareness of work safety among 15–20-year-olds and help prevent accidents.

As a solution we created the fast and fun 2D mobile game – Risky Business.
The heart of the fast-paced game is in the shockingly gory yet funny scenarios that play out when work safety matters are ignored.

Available both on iOS and Android, the mobile game works as a pocket-sized education tool that enables learning wherever, whenever.

The main idea is simple: to help the adorable characters stay safe at work. The further you go, the faster and more difficult the game gets.

Behind the straightforwardly cute characters is a wide range of detailed expressions from doubtful to dancing. By giving each friend of the trio an individual way to express emotions, we created a heart-melting group of pals with unique personalities.

For a playfully distinctive look and feel, we used a fresh color palette drawn from the client’s brand identity. We reflected the colorful identity across game graphics, logo design and typography, as well as supporting marketing materials for launches and events, such as roll ups and sales presentations.

In addition to the visual identity, we created a distinctive tone of voice and used bold yet fun copywriting to enhance clear and efficient communication.

By crystallizing the game logic and tying our client’s objectives to the game with gory twists, we created an entertaining tool for impactful learning.


The contrast between the starting point and the end-result shows true courage from The Center for Occupational Safety and The Occupational Safety Card. Embracing our wildest ideas with open arms is a incredible sign of trust and shows willingness to step out of one’s comfort zone.

Ready, steady, stay safe! Risky Situations can happen when least expected.