Saimaa Brewing Company product portfolio

Product Building & Marketing
two beers with blue labels and a light blue background

Maailman puhtaimpia makuelämyksiä.”

After completing the brand renewal for Saimaa Brewing Company, formerly known as Saimaan Juomatehdas, our next objective was to tackle the challenges in their product portfolio strategy and design. Saimaa Brewing company was lacking consistency in their offering, and the various product families were not seemingly in any relationship with each other.

We dug up our sleeves and put our heads together to create a more solid framework and foundation for their portfolio. Our strategy tied all the brewery’s beers together into three product families with a naming logic of using the “brewer” as the portfolio owner.

This way we got each product to increase the brewery’s own brand equity. We used the recently created monogram symbol of the new brewery brand to act as a seal that claims the three series – Brewer’s Classic, Brewer’s Organic, and Brewer’s Special.

After finishing the portfolio strategy, our next step was to create the product identities for all the eight beer products falling under the two new product families Brewer’s Classic and Brewer’s Organic.

Our main aim with the package design and identity work was to increase the attention value to attract new customers, but keeping the design approachable enough for not abandoning the existing ones.


Guided by the attributes of vibrancy and confidence, we wanted our design work to also be fit for global scale with elements such as modern use of typography and Scandinavian design cues.

Within the “Brewer’s Classic” series, the product identities are based on bold use of a bright color pattern and a massive typography that together create a vibrant image with interesting dimensions. The base of the design is within the western, especially Scandinavian, design through clear lines and airy mass hierarchy of the package content.

The “Brewer’s Organic” series on the other hand relies on more organic and figurative design as a way to honor a series of purely organic products. The product identities are based on the use of accent colors as highlights. The layout plays with more layers to build additional mediums for information. As the series’ name suggest, the main attribute of the package design is the organic, cut-out use of the brewery’s own symbol.