Brand creation & development

Measuring. Perfected.

Introducing, Sizey – the innovative service which has developed a tool for more accurate body measuring with the potential to change the online clothing industry as we know it. Sizey helps to fight the big, bad, environmental crisis of endless returns of clothes. The correct sizing of Sizey means less waste and less logistics. Authentic 3D body modelling gives people the power to find the perfect fit for their own shape and size, boosting body positivity by making people feel better and more confident.

With this ideology as a starting point, we were happy to start creating a fresh, new brand identity for Sizey.

The challenge of Sizey was their intricate technology and how to make it understandable to the user. So everything needed to be based on showcasing the simple steps of Sizey measuring. Sizey was also a newborn company, and in addition to brand identity, they needed our help in establishing a market roll-out strategy.

We began our work by crystallizing the brand foundation to integrate their business strategy into a brand strategy. We constructed a brand audit through interviews with an aim to reveal and identify the ambitions and key ideas that needed to come across with the new brand. Through a thorough brand workshop, we defined our strategy on how to get the new brand to communicate on three different target levels: the needed investors, the B2B clients, and the actual consumers.

Based on our findings, we started creating the brand foundation and a tone of voice with complete tonality assets from brand story and manifesto to brand purpose, mission and vision.

One Sizey fits all.

The friendly and reassuring tone of voice was then applied to all the brand messaging, which we made sure conveyed a sense of usability and trustworthiness. Through the brand voice, we also generated marketing assets along with key selling points for our roll-out strategy and the brand’s initial introduction to the market.

To visualize the philosophy of inclusivity for all body types and body positivity, we created a library of shapes, each representing a person. The shapes were derived from the brand font to seamlessly match the form language of the visual identity. We wanted these shapes to be playful, so we created a fluid morphing animation of them, where each shape gets their turn ”in the spotlight.”

As easy as 1, 2, 3.

Following this same principle, we created a logo so it has two variables – weight and width. It can stretch, bulk up, or get thinner and narrower as needed. It can change depending on the usage and still be recognizable in all contexts.

The basis for the logo came from Sizey’s manifesto of ease of use of the product: Making a 3D of yourself is as easy as 1,2,3.

To visually perfect the logo, we customized the brand font to have a set of numerals specifically created for Sizey – which, of course, also follow the same principles of weight and width as the logo itself.

Once we had all the ingredients, it was time to start applying them! We created a range of assets starting from basics like business cards and stationary, and then moving on to icons and illustrations, as well as poster templates to help them stay visually and tonally cohesive.

All the work we did was then assembled into a brand manual, where the usage examples and instructions could be found. The guidelines create the foundation that transmits the Sizey story on a sensory level before the actual messages are registered. With the look & feel framework, it is possible to consistently express the Sizey personality throughout all visual assets.