Brand creation & development

“Feel like shopping and sweating in the stores? F*ck no!”

TeeeClub started from the frustration of Jaajo Linnonmaa and his friends towards roaming the shops and seeing t-shirts that are too expensive. Simply put – ‘No one has the time or money to waste on mainstream boring stuff’.  So they decided to start creating their own shirts, and invite everyone to join the club.

At MacWell our mission was to augment this vibrant concept with a clear brand position, ethos, and sensibility that conveyed the notion of “Irreverent doesn’t mean irresponsible”. We amped up the “fun” in the fundamentals!

“Whatever forever.”

Targeted to men, the Tone of Voice is authentic and edgy with the good natured swagger of a well-seasoned friendship. It’s how guys talk. Sure, there’s some BS and ball-busting, but at the core, the spirit is honest and real.

With a subscription plan, you get a monthly delivery of a 100% organic cotton t-shirt with an artistic print. It’s as easy as that.

TeeeClub succeeds where others fail – monthly delivery of badass teees, with unique graphics that shout individuality and freedom from the norm…at a competitive price. Let the chumps go to the mall, TeeeClub is for those who demand more than the standard fare.

Any brand can talk to a targeted consumer, but an authentic brand has a meaningful dialog with its members. With the TeeeClub project, MacWell created a genuine communication style that resonates with its community…after all, TeeeClub is a membership lifestyle brand that focuses on what matters most – friends that celebrate the good times, who also can see you thru the rough times.

Poseurs need not apply.

The colorways are straightforward – asphalt black, blood red, and crisp white form the base, with select pops of other colors and occasionally a wild card or two. For the font, MacWell developed (font name) as it emphasizes the honest and, occasionally, in your face reality of the TeeeClub style.

Photography is styled to reflect the real world, and the ambitions, of the membership – good times, bad days, and lasting memories, with a refusal to bend to the arc of normal.

This brand’s founders are far from one note – so four unique, but related, product collections were created to meet the changing moods of the TeeeClub members.

Embracing our Nordic heritage and its accompanying mythology, Nordborn pays homage to the Viking lifestyle of the past with modern sensibility

Roses & Bones grabs the notion of Americana…from the HD Shovelhead and Rockabilly tunes to that ‘Man’s Ruin’ tattoo that you got with your bros last week…and cranks the volume up to TEN!

It’s official…Love makes the world go ’round, but it also can drive you nuts. With Love & Hate, you can let the world know you have a soul…even if it’s made of cast iron wrapped in barbwire.

And, last but not least,

Not feeling the big three…that’s cool. We’ve got the method for blowing up the mundane and resetting your outlook. It’s TNT, and you never know what’s gonna happen with this collection.

The TeeeClub promise?

“Where there’s a postbox, there’s a Teee shirt”

How has the brand been received by the consumer?

“Fifty Thousand Teee-Shirts Can’t Be Wrong!”