VR TRACK: 2810 escape room

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yellow train container on rails

“You have been chosen to save the world.”

To break the rules, you first have to know the rules. When the expertise is solid, you have a chance to truly step out of the box. For VR Track, we fused together ambitious technology and psychology and worked in between digital and physical worlds to develop a creative, educational tool for internal communication.

After numerous successful preceding projects together, our beloved client came to us once again for help in tackling their challenge in internal safety training.

After workshopping with VR Track, we realized they needed a completely new angle on how to educate their rough rail-road personnel without being patronizing.

Together we created 2810 – a movable escape room to provide an entertaining tool for critical self-reflection, which would increase knowledge on safety issues and raise team spirit.

Inside the game, players would face their most common hazardous situations observed by a psychologist, who would then lead them into a discussion on their behavior patterns during the game.

We created the concept of an actual, historical cargo van and tied it into a story of a secret agency movies inspired nuclear threat. Our MacWell team put their heads together to design every single detail, from game logic to puzzles to visual identity.

We were in charge of the graphic design, copywritingspatial design, as well as the communication and launching strategy. As a fundamental part of the project, we constructed the after-game de-briefing and self-reflection sessions with a psychologist for a maximized memory imprint.

Maybe it’s because we have no need to measure up to conventional expectations, so we only strive for the extraordinary. Whatever is the case, we handle it with attention and enthusiasm, and turn it into a creative experience. 2810 was a phenomenal success, and the talk of the town, and set a new level for spatial storytelling and innovative concept design.