Warrior Coffee

Brand Creation & Development
man holding a dramatic warrior pose

Once you go good, there’s no turning bad.”

Behind Helsinki’s most delicious coffee flavors is Warrior Coffee – a jolly group of enthusiastic coffee culture developers. Whether it’s about creating new products or service models, everything is done with top quality. These guys are also the proud owners of an organic certified roastery, where they roast all their coffees by hand.

Riku Uski, the founder of the company, approached us for help in creating a fresh, new identity for their flagship Warrior Coffee brand and their butter coffee products, as well as a strategy for both a domestic and an international launch. We naturally started from the story. We wanted the brand narrative to represent both the attitude of the makers-and-doers of the cool coffee brand as well as its devoted lovers.

We needed to create something truly special for a product that proudly differs from the Finnish coffee norms and keeps on continuously working on the betterment of the whole coffee culture.

The end result is a package full of awesomeness for all of us everyday superheroes.  


Our inspiration came from the idea of coffee’s power to transform you. Warrior Butter Coffee is the ultimate power-kick to start your day with – a modern superhero’s magic potion that gives its drinker the strength to battle the challenges of the day. The origin of butter coffee is in Tibet and the traditional yalk butter tea that gives the locals stamina to climb the mountains in demanding conditions.

Warrior Coffee brand assets from color palette to custom font combines this eastern wisdom and modern life with an appealing Scandinavian design inspired by Tibetan textile patterns and superhero logos.

The idea of a magic potion that brings out the power animal in you even transcends into spirited brand photography.

The storytelling we created for Warrior Coffee resonated magnificently in the target audience. After its launch, Warrior Coffee quadrupled its sales.

The refreshed online presence broke all possible measurement scales, doubling, tripling, or even quadrupling every engagement meter.

In the end, the underdog Warrior Coffee managed to beat the biggest roasteries in Helsinki and partner with the most influential chains such as Coffee House. Most importantly, however, we acquired a lasting client, with whom we continue to work on a weekly basis.