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We, MacWell Creative Oy, collect identification details from all the amazing users visiting the website Cookies are used to collect identification data, which is automatically processed by a third party, such as Google.

Cookies? Say what?

These cookies ain’t munchies, unfortunately. Instead, cookies are text files that contain numbers and letters, which are placed on your device used for browsing. Cookies are set once you use a website that actually uses cookies.

When you visit you accept our use of cookies. Please check out below how you can reject cookies in general, if you wish.

We at MacWell Creative use cookies to:

  • provide you an enhanced website experience,
  • keep an eye on who uses our website (and how), and
  • manage our marketing procedures.

We use session cookies as well as persistent cookies. Session cookies are used only during your visit on our website, and persistent cookies store information for a certain period of time. These cookies are stored for either 24 hours or two years. Some cookies are processed in a way that uses your personal data, such as IP address.

Different types of cookies we use – or may use – are:

  • Cookies for enhanced performance: These cookies are used for the site management purposes. They record visitor numbers, as well as other analytics regarding the site.
  • Cookies for marketing: These cookies are able to build individual visitor profiles. This means we may collect identifiable data. Any data may be shared with third parties once it has been anonymized.
  • Cookies for targeted advertising and marketing: We may use these cookies to create you more personalized marketing content. This means that personally identifiable information may be collected, and in order to create more relevant marketing, this data may be shared with third parties.

You can manage and disable cookies from your own browser controls – but keep in mind that it might have a negative effect on certain site features. Also, we may have collected data before you have disabled cookies. If you wish, you can reject cookies altogether, set or amend them from your own web browser controls.

Happy browsing!