Latest at MacWell

Latest at MacWell

Creative agency MacWell selected
for Facebook’s Oculus ISV program.

MacWell Creative Oy, which focuses on strategic brand and product marketing, has been approved for the Oculus ISV (Independent software vendor)program. MacWell is one of the few global creative agencies selected for the program to design and develop virtual reality solutions for Facebook’s Oculus products.

Affordable and easy-to-use Oculus products make virtual worlds available to an even wider audience. With access to Oculus, ISV MacWell can realize virtual and augmented reality worlds.

MacWell was accepted into the Oculus ISV program after the agency worked on creating Microsoft’s Intersection VR escape room experience. The Intersection VR Escape Room is a multi-person VR experience that educates and entertains through emotional learning. In the escape room, players solve various problems while learning related to the enterprise security model.

Virtual environments are suitable for illustrating complex topics such as the Zero-Trust enterprise security model, as learning together and solving problems results in a positive memory imprint and understanding.

“We invest heavily in augmented reality and virtual reality experiences and use the expertise of our creative team to promote them. It’s great that our customers and creative team can work with Oculus even more easily. In this way, we are involved in democratizing their ability to share information and work together, in the same virtual space, no matter where in the world they are located,”
says Andrew MacDonald, CEO of MacWell.

“We are in a situation where, due to restrictions, many have not been able to travel for a long time and, on the other hand, many companies are working to reduce unnecessary travel due to CO2 emissions or people’s work-life balance. As creative professionals at MacWell, we strive to build new, even experimental, solutions to this situation. The publicly available Oculus wireless products have given us a new approach to communicating and communicating globally. When combined with the growing deployment of 5G and IoT networks, the potential for creating new kinds of experiences in the home or office is limitless,”
says MacDonald.